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Terms & Conditions

Booking lessons with The Invictus Education Group means you understand and agree to the terms and conditions stated on this page.



The administrative staff of The Invictus Education Group will communicate with parents directly for booking arrangements. Our tutors are forbidden to contact students outside the centre so please avoid asking for their contact information. In situations in which parents would like to follow up on the progress of student performance please come at the beginning or the end of the lesson or book a time with our reception.
In order to ensure effective lessons, it is important that students and parents inform The Invictus Eduction Group the specific topics or areas they would like to focus on for each lesson. The Invictus Education Group does not bear any responsibility if the lessons does not match their expectations if the information were not provided.


All bookings must be made and confirmed by a written request (by email or through Whatsapp) from the authorized person (in most scenarios parents or the students over the age of 15) before the booking can be confirmed and the lessons take place. Even if the students made the appointment, their parents or legal guardians must reply to the invoice made every month for the confirmation of fees and lesson time.
Lessons are confirmed upon payment and The Invictus Education Group reserves the right to release any lesson time slots which are only verbally confirmed or may have passed the payment deadline. Payment must be received prior to the lesson.
Confirmed and paid lessons are non-transferable.
In case of overpayment, the extra amount are not refunded but used for future lessons in the same academic year (in which the lessons were originally booked)
In case of changing of the lessons during the month, rescheduling can be do 48 hours before the lesson, and the lesson will be credited to the next invoice or another extra lesson during the month.
A modified invoice will be sent to confirm the changed date, the amount will be credited to the next invoice.

Cancellations due to sickness

Medicate certificate must be provided to us following the cancellation due to illness. Fees paid will be waived and amount paid will go to the follow lesson to be done next month. Medical certificates must be issued by medical doctors. Certificates not accepted include non urgent medical related field such as dental appointments, psychological counselling or sick notes written by parents.
For group lessons it is paramount that all students must check with each other that group lesson fees have been paid for attendance together. If in any circumstances any of the group members does not confirm on time, the paid students would need to pay for the price difference for their respective group charges depending on the number of people.


The Invictus Education Group are generally closed on gazetted public holidays, hence students can assume no lesson unless they are otherwise informed.
In times of exam period, students are given the option to book lessons on gazette public holidays if need be, please check the invoice send at the beginning of each month before confirming the lessons with the centre.
Local or international school holidays does not affect the operations of The Invictus Education Group, hence students must cancel in advance in writing at the beginning of the month when the invoices are sent out whether they would like to apply for leave of lesson.


The Invictus Education Group reserves the right to adjust fees from time to time as required. Fee changes will be notified on the website, invoices will always reflect the revised lesson fees.


Assignments are critical in learning hence it is expected that students will complete all assignments given during class


Any students who are involved in plagiarism in any of his/her school work will face serious consequences.

Safety and Security

The Invictus Education reserves the right to amend company policy and all terms and conditions without prior notice.

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