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How to structure a Group 4/Science Internal Assessment (IB)

How to structure a Group 4/Science Internal Assessment (IB)

1 Introduction

- What is your research question?

- What is your hypothesis?

- What is the rationale/purpose/significance of this project?

- How did you become interested in it?

- Is it something you came across in class?

- Background theory or knowledge

- What should the reader know before reading this paper?

2. Methodology

- List all of your apparatus, reagents, organisms etc, including quantities.

- List all the steps required to carry out the experiment

- This should be comprehensive but clear, such that anyone could take your methodology and repeat your experiment precisely as you conducted it.

- Did you change the method at any point? And why?

- Briefly discuss any potential hazards or ethical issues as well, if relevant.

3. Results

- This should be your raw data, organised neatly in a table for example.

4. Analysis

- Presentation of the raw data in a meaningful way e.g. in a graph, chart

- What formulas or calculations or tests did you use (e.g. Chi-squared)?

- Justify your choice, if relevant

5. Evaluation

- What uncertainties exist in the experiment?

- What were the sources of systematic error and random error?

- How significant were these uncertainties/errors? Can you quantify them?

6. Conclusion

- Did your results support your initial hypothesis?

- How could you make the experiment more precise/accurate?

- How reliable are your results?

- What can you conclude from your results?

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